Greek-Albanian Cooperation in the Energy Sector

A One Day Conference Convened by the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE)

Session 1 - Introductory

Introductory Remarks

Opening Speeches:


  • Albania's Energy Outlook
    • Mr. Neritan Alibali, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economy, Trade & Energy, Albania
  • Greece's Energy Outlook in the context of SE Europe

Session 2

Electricity and Natural Gas Developments in Albania & Greece


  • Demand, trends
  • Installed capacity and potential expansion
  • Electricity imports / exports
  • Electricity interconnections
  • New projects

Natural Gas

  • The Greek Natural Gas Market and international interconnections
  • Prospects for the introduction of Natural Gas in Albania
  • ”Opening the Eurasia Gas Corridor interconnecting Greece, Albania and Italy”

Session 3

Renewable Energy Sources & Energy Conservation

  • A review of current Hydro-Electricity production, new projects and development prospects in Albania
    • Mr. Milo Kuneshka, Executive Director of Albanian Agency of National Resources
  • Prospects for the development of solar, wind, biomass and geothermal energy in Albania
    • Mr. Engjell Dakli, Director of Department in Directorate of Albanian Agency of National Resources
  • Energy Conservation in Albania
  • Solar Wind and other RES developments in Greece

Session 4

Long Term Energy Strategy

  • Security of Energy Supplies and the development of indigenous energy sources in Albania
    • Mr. Fatjon Tugu, Director of Electroenergetic Policies, METE
  • Greece's Long Term Energy Plan
    • Mr. Dimitris Beis, Executive Secretary, National Council for Energy Strategy, (SEES)

Presentation of Findings by the Chairmen of the Working Groups

Round Table Discussion on Greek - Albanian Co-operation in the Energy Sector with the participation of Greek and Albanian experts

Working Groups

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