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How to become a Member

How to become a Member

Categories of Membership

Membership to the Institute is open to any applicant who is professionally involved in the energy field. This covers all different forms of energy, from power generation and hydrocarbons to energy conservation and renewable energy sources. The following categories of membership are currently available:

(a) Young professional (for young graduates up to 28 years old)
(b) Ordinary Member (to professionals above the age of 28)
(c) Corporate Membership (available only to companies)
(d) Associate Members
(e) Honorary Members

Members who join the Institute enjoy a number of benefits (as described below) but do not have any voting rights. Between them, corporate members nominate two representatives who can participate at board meetings but have no voting rights. However, through their representatives members companies have a voice and can influence Institute policy on a number of issues.


Members who join the Institute enjoy certain benefits and privilages listed as follows:

(a) Members receive advance notice of all Institute activities and functions.
(b) Members are entitled to certain reductions, when attending fee paying events (eg: conferences, seminars). In some cases members may attend entirely free of charge conferences and other events.
(c) Members receive regularly via post and electronically the Institute's periodical publications. These currently include the quarterly magazine "O Kosmos tis Energias" (The World of Energy) and the English language newsletters "SE Europe Market Watch" (monthly) and the "SE Europe Energy Review" (bi-monthly).
(d) Members receive once every month an electronic newsletter with an update of forthcoming international and regional energy events.
(e) Members have access through a password given to them  upon registration, to the "Members Services" area  at IENE's website. "Members Services" area includes a number of publications, working papers, conference proceedings and other useful information which is not available to non-members.
(f) Members can purchase all Institute publications at a substantial discount ranging from 30% to 50% depending on the type of publication. Several oublications are also available at no cost through access to the "Members Services" area at IENE's website.
Members may participate on a voluntary basis to the various advisory committees of the Institute.

How to Apply for Membership

In order to become a member of IENE one must apply for membership by completing the appropriate registration form. Applications can be submitted at the Institute electronically or via post or in person at IENE's offices (3, Alex.Soutsou str, 106 71, Athens, Greece). Membership applications are examined by the executive board who decide upon acceptance. Normally, an application for membership must be seconded by one committee member and one ordinary member.

Membership fees are paid to IENE's bank account at Alpha Bank, Merlin branch, Athens (A/N 124 00 2002 003 200), indicating the name of the payee.

The Executive Board of IENE has the right to refuse an application without offering any explanation.

Advisory Services

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