The Nuclear Option for SE Europe

The Nuclear Option for SE Europe

an IENE Regional Conference

Session I


  • Introductory remarks by the organisers (IENE, ROEC)
  • Legal, Safety and Regulatory Issues
  • Ms. Elena Popescu, General Director - General Directorate for Energy and Environment, Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and the Business Environment, Romania
  • Mr. Ayhan Evrensel, Communication Adviser, Office of the Deputy Director General, Department of Nuclear Energy, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna
  • Mr. Cantemir Ciurea, Director of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Division, National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN), Romania
  • Ms. Daniela Lulache, CEO, Nuclearelectrica, Romania
  • Prof. Dr. Teodor Chirica, Chief Executive Officer, EnergoNuclear, Romania/ Executive Board Member, FORATOM, Belgium

Session II

Country Reviews

  • Prof. Dr. Ionut Purica, Executive Director, Advisory Center for Energy and Environment, Romanian Academy, Romania
  • Mr. Liviu Gherghe, Senior Director, ELCOMEX IEA, ROMATOM, Romania
  • Mr. Pal Kovacs, Advisor to CEO, Former State Secretary for Energy Affairs, MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., Hungary
  • Dr. Mladen Mitev, President, Bulgarian Nuclear Society, Bulgaria
  • Prof. Dr. Osman Sevaioglu, Dpt. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Middle East Tech. University, Ankara, Turkey
  • Mr. Nicholas Sofianos, Research Projects Co-ordinator, Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE), Greece
  • Ms. Mihaela Stiopol, President, Romanian Association “Nuclear Energy” (AREN), Romania

Session III

Investment and Financing Issues

  • Investment outlook for Nuclear Power Generation in SE Europe
  • Environmental and other non technical obstacles preventing the realisation of nuclear power projects
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