The Nuclear Option for SE Europe: A Critical Appraisal

A Workshop Organized by the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE)

Opening Remarks

by Mr. Costis Stambolis, Executive Director, IENE

Introductory Comments

by Mr. Boris Pekov Chairperson of BoD, Bulgarian Energy Holding, Bulgaria

Speaking Points by H.E. Mr. Peter Poptchev

Ambassador at Large for Energy Security and Climate Change and Coordinator for the EU Nabbuco Project, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria

"Nuclear Power Generation in SE Europe",

a concise review presentation by Mr. Panayotis Deriziotis, Senior Research Associate, IENE, Athens

"The role of Nuclear Energy in Bulgaria's Energy Policy",

by Ms. Albena Trassieva, State Expert, Energy Strategy Directorate, Ministry of Economy and Energy, Bulgaria

"Kozloduy's 7th unit - A Real Option",

by Mr. Rasho Parvanov, Head of the Operations Division, Kozloduy's NPP plc, Bulgaria

Country Presentations


"Nuclear Power Plant Kozloduy: Present and Future Resume"

by Mr. Anton Ivanov, Member of the Board of Directors of EQE and member of the WG of the Belene project

"Contribution of the Nuclear Energy in the Development of Bulgaria's Energy System"

by Mr. Bogomil Manchev, Chairman of Bulatom & President of Risk Engineering S.A.


"Romania's Experience in Nuclear Energy for Power Generation"

by Mrs. Dumitrascu Camelia Liliana, Head of the Trade Department, Nuclearelectrica S.A., Romania


"Greece in the Nuclear Energy Stadium - A non player but concerned spectator"

by Dr. Raphael Moissis, Chairman, Council for National Energy Strategy (SEES), Athens

Nuclear Power and Energy Needs of Greece

Prof. Ioannis A. Papazoglou, Director, Institute of Nuclear Technology - Radiation Protection, "Demokritos" National Center for Scientific Research, Athens

Legal and Regulatory Issues

KLC Law Firm and the Regulatory Frame of Nuclear Energy in Bulgaria

by Mr. George Ftikas, Senior Associate, KLC Law Firm, Bulgaria Representative from the Nuclear Regulatory Agency of Bulgaria

Critical Appraisal of the Nuclear Option in SE Europe

Conclusions and Recommendations

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